Get a local buddy

for your new expat team member and help him adjust to his new community.

Get a local buddy

Ana, 31

“Making new friends, trying to learn a new language, and finding my way around a new city... I was worried about my upcoming move! Nebooha completely changed that! I was paired with Lara who is amazing. She connected me with the resources I needed to succeed in a new country and we had a lot of fun learning the language and eating local foods along the way!”

Emma, 26

”I feel so lucky to meet Danijel. I enjoyed his company, learned a lot of new Swiss words and he showed me the best shops to grab some authentic Swiss cheese.”

How it works

Start by picking one of our three packages for your new team member!

Your employee can select a guide to provide support in a new community.

Your employee is able to become quickly acclimated to the new home and will be able to work more efficiently through happiness and satisfaction in the relocation!


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1 months

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3 months

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